Found At House Clearance Sale – Glass Polishing Machine

It is amazing what you can find at a house clearance sale. Well, I say house clearance, but this was more of a bed and breakfast arrangement, or small hotel. I stumbled across a glass polishing machine, which is the first time I had seen such a contraption.

glass polishing machine

For those that are not familiar with these things, is designed to dry and polish glasses within a few seconds. It does away with the manual task, leaving items sparking and water mark free. This is great for any business owners in the hospitality trade, where you want to save money of staff time on other important tasks, like looking after your clients.

The brushes are made of natural, absorbent fibres which can be adapted to fit different glasses and cups, thereby reducing the cleaning time and simplifying the drying process. This particular model that I found has the capacity to dry up to 500 items per hour, making it vital for any busy commercial kitchen. The unit was secondhand, but had a few sets of replacement brushes.

This machine saves time, effort and money. There is also a set of optional rollers designed specifically for Champagne glasses, if needed. If you come across one by chance, there is a massive opportunity to make some additional cash by reselling the item. If you need any spares, contact these guys in the UK.

Here is a video showing how it works.

Building Your House Clearance Sale Budget

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Cash 3

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Profit Maximiser Review
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Tips for Choosing a House Clearance Company

Here are some tips for picking a house clearance company, as you do not just want anyone turning up at your home or office:
If you are planning to do so, then before you actually hire one, you need pay attention to certain points. These can make all the difference between a good and an average house clearance company. These services can help you to ensure that all the waste is recycled, reused or disposed of in the safest manner possible.

House Clearance
The house clearance company that you eventually hire will first try to understand your basic requirements. The final cost will be determined by different variables like the property size, the site, the kind of clearance (the items which need to be cleared) and even the ultimate fate of the rubbish (whether it will be donated, recycled or reused).
The company may also help in moving your belongings from one place to the other. The basic advantage of hiring such companies is that you don’t need to clean the place and your packing becomes minimal. Thus house clearance becomes a no stress affair when you hire professionals to do the job.
It’s important to decide beforehand about the items you want to dispose off, keep or store before you even think about hiring a house clearance company. The best way to accomplish this is to draw up a list and divide all the items into different categories. Some people may even develop their own coding system. If list making is not your cup of tea, then you can use the traffic light approach. Mark the items that you want to keep with red stickers. The items which need to be sold off or donated can be marked with amber or orange stickers while those that need to be disposed off can have a green sticker on them.
House clearance is a tough job that cannot be managed alone. Hence, it’s advisable to use expert assistance that not only helps in clearing your house but also in disposing of the generated waste in the most environmental friendly way possible.
In the modern world, people hardly have time to do anything except go to work, eat and sleep. No wonder most people are daunted by the prospect of shifting or clearing their homes. This is where house clearance companies can help in a major way and give you a peace of mind.
There are different reasons why people may need the services of a house clearance company. House clearance companies can be used by people who are moving into a new house where the previous owners have left a lot of junk behind. Their services may also be required by people who are planning to renovate their home or have already done home improvements.
Some people may also need to clear the house before they put it on the market for sale. Many people need to clear certain areas like the basement and the attic and may not have the time and energy to do it themselves. When couples need to move to a smaller home after their children have left home for college, they may require the services of a house clearance company.
Other than that, it can be a great way to make some additional cash. There is money to be made in recycling thing, and it is becoming big business.

Secondhand Decarboniser – Found at House Clearance

It is amazing what you are able to find at house clearance sales. I came across a secondhand decarbonising tank, along with a pallet of the chemicals that it uses.

In the hotel business, cost-effective maintenance is an important part of ongoing operational management. Downtime in any system has to be avoided, and that is where the decarboniser comes in.

spotless kitchen
These tanks are made of stainless steel and have to be robust, despite the often heavy workloads. The decarbonising chemical is used to strip off burnt-on grease and dirt quickly. The chemical solution itself is non-toxic, and does not corrode, as opposed to cleaners from the past. The active ingredient can very, yet the solution is always pH-balanced and kills bacteria. The solution is heated up, so goggles and gloves must be used for safety. These are the only things that I have had to buy in order to sell the tank off at a healthy profit. A whopping 10 quid in total!
Decarboniser UK also offer a reduction in operating costs. Kitchen implements soak in the tank overnight, and the grease and carbon is simply dissolved off. These utensils and gadgets are then ready to be put back into service after a quick rinse under a cold water tap. There is no excessive scrubbing from members of staff, who can be used to carry out other operational activities.

There are a whole range of different tank sizes, so they should suit any hotel or catering budget. Space is also often at a premium in most kitchens, so once again the variety is helpful. My decarboniser was able to hold around 200 litres of solution, so was fairly sizeable, but able to take most kitchen implements without too much hassle.

Keep your eyes peeled for great bargains like this.

Buying a Savile Row suit at a Home Clearance Sale

I recently came across a few secondhand Savile Row Suits at a home clearance sale. They were virtually brand new, and had very little wear-and-tear. The thing about an item like this, is that they are made from the best materials, so usually last a long time.

For those that do not know, Savile Row is in central London, and houses some of the world’s best tailors. There folks have spent years plying and learning their trades, so they know their stuff.

A good bespoke suit should be breathable. It should help keep the body at an even temperature and should not trap heat. The choice of fabric is vital here, as the groom may feel a little hot under the collar on day. Polyester, in general, due to being synthetic, retains warmth and gets wrinkled easily. Some polyester fabrics also have a glossy shine. Silk is beautiful but has a luxurious shine that doesn’t appeal to all men. Cashmere is great but out of most men’s price bracket, while cotton and linen are superb for the summer but crease very easily. 100% wool is ideal and versatile. Savile Row Suit

I do know of one person who purchased his wedding suit at a home clearance sale.

Buying secondhand clothing has been frowned upon, but people are starting to open their minds up to it. Designer labels are to be found in house clearance sales, as well as charity shops. You just never know what you will find, which is a massive part of the appeal, I suppose.

Good Luck with your search.